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Yoga Teacher Training Course

For those who wish to take their Yoga practice to a professional level
Real Yoga Diploma in Yoga Teaching

On this training course we give a particular emphasis to the therapeutic aspects of yoga practice, to train teachers whocan offer yoga safely and competently with an awareness based approach to enhance the health and well being of the individual.

Real Yoga is designed to bring yoga practice fully into the context of modern lifestyle, including the physical aspects, as well as the yoga understanding of energy. The training allows for the potential for personal change that the practice of yoga can bring. This training gives far more than the basics, offering a full picture and understanding of the foundations of yoga, with the modern knowledge of the care of the whole person taught in a friendly and open way.

The course content includes an in depth study of :
Bullet Asana Yoga Teacher Diploma
Bullet Pranayama
Bullet Relaxation and the stress response
Bullet Meditation and its value
Bullet Study of subtle anatomy, Chakras and Pancha Kosha
Bullet Anatomy and physiology as applied to Yoga practices
Bullet Study of Yoga Texts and their value in a modern world
Bullet Class planning and legal requirements

Entry Requirements

To join the course you will need to have at least 2 years experience of yoga practice. We do consider applicants who have undertaken individual or home practice although we will review this experience prior to you joining the course.

Course Duration

The Real Yoga Diploma in Yoga Teaching, runs for 12 weekends, over a period of 2 years. The course runs one weekend, every two months. We maintain small groups for optimum learning.

Course Information

The course has ongoing assessment, written assignments and project work, over the 2 years. 
Bullet   A practical assessment by an external assessor is required before the qualification is awarded. 
Bullet   You are required to keep a practice journal, and be attending a regular class in your own area. 
Bullet   You are insured to teach and work your case studies from the second year.

Next Training.....

Next yoga teacher training modules begin in 2018. Teaching weekends are:

August 18th 19th
October 20th 21st
December 1st 2nd

Yoga Teacher Diploma Syllabus

Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Syllabus 2018

Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Application Form

Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Application Form

This course is accredited as a 500 hour training with IYN



Yoga Teacher Diploma
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