Welcome to Real Yoga.

Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapy
Established in 2004, Real Yoga offers training to a high standard for those wishing to teach Yoga professionally and who wish to work with a therapeutic focus. Real yoga has worked actively with other training organisation on developing a standard for training yoga therapists.

We provide:

  • Professional training in Yoga Teaching
  • Postgraduate training in Yoga Therapy
  • Continuing Professional Development for yoga teachers and therapists
  • Reflective practice groups and mentoring, real time and on line.

We have team of skilled and experienced tutors who are dedicated both to yoga and sharing their knowledge.

At the heart of our training is care and support for the students

Real Yoga offers:

  • small groups
  • in depth training
  • holistic, healing and therapeutic focus
  • Accredited qualifications


Complete Yoga Teacher Training

The Real Yoga Teacher Training covers teaching skills for all yoga disciplines :

  • Asana 
  • Pranayama 
  • Relaxation and the stress response
  • Meditation
  • Study of subtle anatomy, Chakras and Pancha Kosha
  • Anatomy and physiology as applied to Yoga practices
  • Study of Yoga Texts and their value in a modern world
  • Class planning and legal requirements

Yoga Therapy Diploma

  • Smaller groups for enhanced learning
  • Individually tailored tutoring for personal growth.
  • Comprehensive training covering all aspects of therapeutic yoga, backed by research.
  • In depth study of yoga diagnostics

Real Yoga. Yoga Teacher Training.

Real Yoga Students Benefit From...


CNHC Registration

Graduates of the Real Yoga Training School are trained to a standard which allows them to register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

The British Council of Yoga Therapy

BCYT Accredited

Accredited with The British Council for Yoga Therapy and follows the National Occupational Standard for Yoga Therapy and the Core Curriculum set by BCYT.

Balens Specialist Insurance

Real Yoga has a special Block Scheme Insurance with Balens for both its yoga therapy and teacher training, covering teachers and therapists throughout their training.

Upcoming training events from Real Yoga

The Interface Between Healing and Yoga

Exploring the common history that links these two modalities and how one supports the other in our understanding of the human state. We will practice some of the pranic healing techniques and learn to 'sense' subtle energy. Useful in self care and with clients.

Sun 28th March/Sun 11th April 2021
Live on Zoom 10am to 1pm each day.

Yoga as a therapeutic response to grief

The aim of this workshop is to help you understand common physical, emotional and spiritual responses to grief and how yoga can enable a therapeutic response. It will offer an engaging mix of presentation, small group work and practical yoga.

Live on Zoom
Saturday 24th April
9.30am to 4.30pm

Post Graduate Course in Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the adaptation of yoga teaching for people with specific health needs. It is taught by yoga teachers with additional training and experience in the therapeutic application of yoga.

We are now inviting applicants for our next yoga Therapy training 18th April 2021