Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing professional development is a requirement for all registered practitioners.~
Due to the COVID situation we are still in the planning stage for next years program.
We hope to offer the following:​

Workshops in 2021

​In 2021 Real Yoga are planning workshops to look at:

  • ‘Working with Long Covid’,
  • ’Self Care for the Yoga Therapist’,
  • ‘Interface between Yoga and Healing’

We will post dates and information when we have them. Please register your interest to be notified of course dates when available.

CPD Event: TBA in 2021
With Jean Danford

The Interface between Yoga and Healing

With Jean Danford: Principal of Real Yoga and senior tutor for the College of Healing

Many Yoga teachers and therapists find themselves interested in the healing aspects of yoga, often taking Reiki, or short healing courses, to explore further. It is natural as we progress in yoga, to notice a change in our natural energy reserves and to want do something with that. Pranic healing is the yogi’s way of using that extra energy for oneself or for others. This workshop explores the shared history and methodology of healing and Yoga, traditional pranic healing techniques and the shared understanding of subtle energy.

We will also look at the exchange of energy in the therapeutic relationship.

Delivered over 2 sessions.

Live on Zoom

Sun 28th March and Sun 11th April 2021
10am to 1pm each day.

Cost: £50

With Jean Danford


The aim of this workshop is to help you understand common physical, emotional and spiritual responses to grief and how yoga can enable a therapeutic response. It will offer an engaging mix of presentation, small group work and practical yoga.

The morning will be led by Katrina Taee who is an experienced bereavement counsellor, End of Life Doula and co-author of “Surviving the Tsunami of Grief”. The afternoon will be a practical five kosha approach to using yoga as a therapeutic response to grief and will be led by Patricia Cronin, yoga therapist and trainee End of life Doula.

Live on Zoom

Saturday 24th April
9.30am to 4.30pm

Cost: £60

With Pat Cronin

Reflective Practice and Mentoring

The therapist is on a continuing journey in their own development, as they work with clients.
We feel it is important to reflect and integrate our experiences in therapy, and have support from a peer group. For this we offer facilitated Yoga Therapy support groups face to face or by Zoom.

Dates for these are being planned.

One to one mentoring is also available in hour or half hour sessions. These may be face to face, or by phone, Skype or Zoom. Please register your interest and we will be in touch to arrange an appointment. Alternatively just call or email.

CPD Event: TBA in 2021
With Jean Danford


CNHC Registration

Graduates of the Real Yoga Training School are trained to a standard which allows them to register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
The British Council of Yoga Therapy

BCYT Accredited

Accredited with The British Council for Yoga Therapy and follows the National Occupational Standard for Yoga Therapy and the Core Curriculum set by BCYT.

Balens Specialist Insurance

Real Yoga has a special Block Scheme Insurance with Balens for both its yoga therapy and teacher training, covering teachers and therapists throughout their training.